Hengda Fuji Elevator Company Held Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration


March 18, 2017, Hengda Fuji Elevator Company held thirtieth anniversary celebration and the annual meeting of the national dealer with the theme of "vertical 30 years, a new chapter" in Huzhou Kaiyuan Mingdu hotel. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hengfu Group, Chairman of China Elevator Association, Mr. Li Shoulin, Vice Mayor of Huzhou City, Mr. Liu Weidong, Mayor of Nanxun District, Qian Zhenhua, Executive Director of Hengfu Group, Qian Huahu, CEO of Hengfu Group, Executive Director of Hengfu Group Li Xiaoli and together with more than 900 dealers from all over the country, and medias.


Qian Jiangming, chairman of the enthusiastic speech to sit in the agency friends on the 2017 is full of firm confidence. In the past 2016, although the entire elevator industry downturn sales decline, but the Hengfu Group made remarkable achievements, not only the domestic market increased 10%, but also the exports reached 50% growth, and once again wins the whole ladder export sales champion. At the same time, Chairman Qian Jiangming suggested that Hengfu Group will work closely around the "Innovation Service" center in 2017, not only to innovate technology, but also the products and services. The introduction of more customers can win the favor of differentiation, personalized products and solutions for customers to bring high value-added elevator products, so as to avoid homogeneous vicious competition.

China Elevator Association Chairman Li Shoulin affirmed and thank Hengfu Group in the rapid development of the elevator industry at the same time for the outstanding contributions made. Li Shoulin also pointed out that any mature country, its manufacturing and service industry will be three seven, and China on the contrary, this state requires the industrial structure adjusting; homogenization of serious, less personalized lead to the elevator industry Need for product structure adjustment.

Huzhou City Vice Mayor Dong Lixin expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the annual meeting of the dealers. "Encyclopedia", Heng Fu Group as a senior elevator business, since 1987 to today, withstood the wind and rain baptism, several revolutionary leap, still head high in the industrial development of the torrent, it is not easy. Today, Heng Fu Group covers an area of nearly 200 acres of four new plant in the local successful completion of the production, embodies the hearts and expectations of the millions, but also Hengfu Group to take off a new era of the new starting point.

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