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Elevator as a vertical transport, bring the public safe, comfortable, efficient enjoyment of daily life has become and indispensable part of the public work, which are highly valued members of the public security situation of great concern and the government and relevant departments. Supermarkets, what are the problems of the elevator safety residential area? Elevator malfunction have? What causes the elevator fault is it?

Chinese elevator more and more operating years of growth, elevator security risks become more prominent. After security checks for urban supermarkets, commercial and residential elevators, etc., quality and technology supervision department found the following problems.

When the elevator manufacturer and property management companies transfer elevator has legacy issues. Inspection of the elevator when the elevator company and the proposed property management companies transfer security issues that need rectification, blame on each other, it is difficult to be resolved.

Elevator use units do not pay attention to the management. As the elevator inspection, security inspection found no timely rectification, no signed contract and maintenance units for elevator maintenance; not set specifically (and) security management agencies and professionals (and) security management staff, or have not diligence, security management personnel are not qualified by training and examination certificates;

Emergency improper disposal. Elevator malfunction especially off people, the property management company does not notify or do not meet maintenance professionals to dispose of the unit, but to dispose of, resulting in accidents.

Elevator Security Sources strict, lay hidden innate; elevators safe place, leading to failure; elevator units do not use self-declaration inspection, extended operation; elevator maintenance is not in place, the most hidden faults; elevator maintenance, repair, inspection and other unfunded, sick to run the elevator; the elevator is no prescribed number of years, the old elevator risks and other factors will cause more lift malfunction or accidents.

FUJI elevator. Always put your safety first, the intention to customer service, to become the first safety elevator manufacturer, buy elevator to fujihd elevator company, best FUJI elevator.

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