What is a panoramic elevator


Outdoor Panoramic Elevator can be installed or attach to the available country house or cottage, doing some additional work on the project documentation. Installation of outdoor panoramic lift is performed using a crane and turnaround time is much reduced.

A panoramic lift links the port's promenade with the Atalaya overlook in the historical quarter, rising through 21 metres and making a visit to the Porcillán area even more worthwhile.

One of the features panoramic lift that does not require a device of mine, as the basis of its design - self-supporting cabin.

On the one hand it is a plus - technical documentation easier, but on the other hand is due to the unique design of the equipment itself is characterized by high cost. Normal lift with the same parameters do twice cheaper panorama.

The Panorama home elevator is a 1:2 ratio roped hydraulic elevator, the latest in residential elevator technology. Why settle for a noisy old fashion drum drive when you can have today's best technology for the same price!

As you rise you can treat yourself to a view of the estuary through the windows as if they were framed pictures.

Don't miss out on this unique experience, rarely found anywhere else. Photography lovers will have a great opportunity to take panoramic pictures of the town and estuary of Ribadeo.

The pump and controller can be accommodated in a small closet space next to the elevator or in a completely different room the garage for example. Few other home elevator systems offer that type of flexibility.

The Panorama can be completely custom designed to suit your personal needs and tastes. We offer many premium finishes, stains and color options, for our standard veneers, melamine, and laminate cabin walls. From utilitarian to traditional to ultramodern chose the style that is right for you.

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