A lift Increases the Value of A Home


A home lift is an exciting combination of luxury and comfort. We place great emphasis on design and freedom of choice. You can choose between lift models, size, colour, platform floor material, lighting and different types of glass or stainless steel. This means your lift will suit your home just as well as your sofa or be a sensational home furnishing feature to be proud of. Once your lift is installed you'll realize it's your home's coolest piece of furniture – practical and good looking, too. Good design and styling also have the power to change life for the better.

Statistics show that in the same way a balcony or fireplace will increase the value of an apartment, the value of a house increases when a home lift is installed. This seems pretty logical to us. A lift makes it possible for all kinds of people to live and feel at home there, and the home becomes attractive to a greater range of purchasers. As a bonus, a lift is an exclusive, stylish feature that adds luxury and distinction to the home. What's more, a lift will not take up a great deal of space and it allows for a more versatile floor plan. You could for example dispense with the narrow, steep cellar staircase in your split-level house and replace it with a simple, convenient home lift. Not just an attractive proposition for you, but also for those beginning to get on in years and the parents of curious young children.

Many people still believe that home lifts are something for the elderly or handicapped, but our customers know different. For many years we've been selling lifts to football players, skiers and young families who are not elderly or handicapped and have absolutely no difficulty taking the stairs. So why did they buy home lifts, one might ask. We think it's because our lifts have evolved from being purely a problem-solver into a practical, good-looking furnishing.

Our customers tell us that their home lifts mean so much more than just moving from floor to floor. Many of them still run up and down the stairs. But when things like shopping or prams or guests whose knees are feeling their age need to move upstairs, the lift provides more convenience and satisfaction than you can ever imagine. Taking the lift adds luxury to everyday life, they tell us. It's also a great feeling to know that they have future-proofed their beloved homes so that they can go on living there far into their autumn years when many others are forced to move because their stairs have become a hinder.

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