Tips For Installing A Vaccum Elevator



So you're getting ready to install a vacuum elevator, and you're not sure if you're adequately prepared. Well, let us first start by saying that vacuum elevators are the easiest elevator models to install, so take a deep breath. With a few helpful tips, you'll be on your way to installing and using your new vacuum Elevator . Here are some tips for easy, effective, quick installation.

Be Prepared – The first thing you should do is get prepared. It's true that vacuum elevators are easy to install and even easier to maintain; however, if you want your elevator up and functional before you have to go back to work on Monday, make sure you're prepared to start installing before the parts are even delivered. Here is how you can get prepared; first of all, if you have small children or pets, make sure you get them out of the house.

The Residential Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator may be a little challenging to look at the first time you see it – the hoistway is transparent and there are clearly no cables supporting the elevator cab, so it looks distinctly like some thing out of Star Trek, operating on some advanced levitation principle.

It’s actually very safe with over 300 lifts already installed and working perfectly and works entirely according to the simplest laws of physics - the difference in air pressure above and beneath the vacuum elevator cab safely raise and lower it on a cushion of air and though there’s not much room inside, the lift is rated to a capacity of 450 pounds.

What’s more, the unique installation and streamlined design will adapt to many non-conventional living spaces in a variety house styles.

Though it might look precarious, it is absolutely safe even in the case of an electricity power failure as the descending car automatically stops and locks on the next floor.

Some clever locking mechanisms mean that the lift always stops exactly at floor level and as air pressure rather than mechanical apparatus move the lift, the starting and stopping is very smooth.

Stay Organized – We know this can be challenging, but try to stay organized as you build. We recommend that you skim through the installation manual before doing anything and get to know each part before you rip open the packaging. Group the parts so you know where they go and in what order they should be installed.

As you begin building the vacuum shaft, make sure you keep packaging materials out of the way to prevent injury. Work slowly and effectively, so that you know where everything is at all times. Whatever you do, don't throw away any important packaging or paperwork until after you've finished installation and the elevator has been tested. After you're confident that installation was a success, keep all documents that came with the elevator in case there is a problem in the near future, finally i recommend you to learn more information.

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