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FUJI is the China’s leading supplier of the entire Aritco platform lift range. We have a nationwide network of Passenger Elevator factory trained, competent service engineers backed by the technical expertise in our head office. We also hold a comprehensive stock of spare parts should they be required.

Regular maintenance of your platform lift or access lift will also ensure a long life and a safe, smooth operation of the lift.

Installing a lift for your business or commercial premises has always been seen as something of a luxury. The traditional perception is that the addition of an elevator is too costly and disruptive to be available to all but those businesses with money to burn. However, in recent years technology has provided solutions (such as those available at Gartec) to the need for business lifts that are just as effective and aesthetically appealing as a conventional lift but with a smaller footprint, easy installation and a lower cost. If you’ve been considering investing in this new technology then there are some very good reasons why any commercial environment could benefit from a lift.

Your business is multi floor. Lifts ensure that every floor in the building is available to everyone who walks through the door and that can make a big difference to the perception of how well-organised and forward thinking your business is. A well designed lift is an impressive feature to visitors who arrive at your premises and provides a far better environment in which to introduce guests to your business than making them climb several flights of stairs.

You wish to advance agent perception. Installing a lift in business bounds is a bright assurance to advisers that the business not alone cares about bringing in barter but aswell about the assurance and abundance of employees. As allotment of a broader strategy, a lift can accommodate a addition to assurance and loyalty, assuming that an employer wants to accommodate a absolutely accessible, safe and affable alive environment.

With acquaintance in the lift industry, FUJI brainwash and alternation their engineers to the accomplished standard, ensuring barter get the best from their lift products, already they are installed. FUJI proudly accumulation an advancing aliment account to all absolute customers, already the lift is installed.

For added advice on any of our lift articles or account and aliment packages, don’t alternate to get in touch.

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