How to Purchase A Custom Elevator


At present, the possibilities for designing a custom residential elevator are nearly limitless. With a plethora of materials and design possibilities, such elevators can be created to match the interior of your home or to be something completely new and unique. Many, in fact, will create new styles for their custom residential elevators based on old and classic designs, such as fully glass Panoramic Elevator . In all cases, the process can become involved between the homeowner and the designers when ideas, drawings, and models are exchanged. But part of designing any elevator, however, is finding the best way for it to operate in your home.

In general, there are four operational systems are available for most residential elevators, but the two used most often are hydraulic and electric winding drum mechanisms. Both of these operate somewhat different and one might be better for your home. Hydraulic elevators operate from below and require a machine room, but both of these aspects are merely for safety. Electric winding drum, on the other hand, operates from above, and the car is suspended inside the shaft by cables. This design doesn't need a machine room but an electric winding drum system is less safe in areas prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Well, once the style has been decided, the actual designing process can begin. Homeowners usually come to the table with several design possibilities that they would like for their elevator. Most often, this includes matching the elevator to the rest of the house by way of metal or wood choices. In this case, the interior and doors for the elevator can be made with the same as the rest of the house, and also in the same style. But, even if homeowners choose a more elaborate design, such as a birdcage elevator with several small cutouts in the metal frame, a model will be drawn up for the homeowners to see before installation. Then, once all design aspects are agreed upon, the proper elevator will be installed inside the home.

Usually, custom residential elevators are considered a luxury item because of all the designing and planning involved. As elevator cars can be made with exotic woods or designed like a birdcage, among endless other possibilities, adding such an elaborate fixture to your home will increase the value without looking like it was added at a later date.

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