Safely Ride An Elevator II


Now that you have entered the elevator car, you are riding it now.

Secure all your belongings. If you are riding with groceries, book bags, or any other items, be sure to hold on to them properly. If the elevator ride is empty, you may leave your items on the floor, especially for longer rides. However, holding on to your items ensures more space for potential passengers.

Be courteous when traveling with children or pets. Elevator rides can be crowded, and ensuring the safety and comfort of others should be on your mind. If you travel with a pet, be sure to secure it with a leash or carry it, after all not all people are comfortable with pets roaming freely. Also, be sure to have your children close to you. It is also good practice to have them be mindful of others' spaces.

Control noise levels. The most proper elevator etiquette would be to keep noise levels from silence to minimal. Conversations either in person or over the phone should cease when possible. Use headphones for listening to music instead of playing it out loud. If you are traveling with an infant, kindly refrain from riding while the child is crying.

Calm your nerves and anxieties. Riding an elevator may be difficult for some people with worries such as germs or confined spaces. If you know riding an elevator is a difficult but unavoidable task, prepare yourself for the ride by multiple means. You may choose portable, hand-held activities, like read a book, check your email, send text messages, check social media, create to do lists, or any small task that requires enough focus to ease your mind. Also, you can listen to soothing music. A nice pair of head phones and delicate tunes can ease your thoughts for a better ride. Besides, ride elevators more often will help. Practice makes perfect, and conquering a fear is no different. Taking more elevator rides will help you get use to the activity.

Pay attention to the stops. As you ride, be aware of stops for two reasons. First, passengers need to enter and exit, so you might have to give people space to help them slip in or out. Also, each stop brings you closer to your floor, and you may be able to move towards the door. However, in the event that you are not close to an exit, being ready will help you get to your floor without any issues.

Then, once arrived the floor you want, it’s time to get out.

Excuse yourself as you walk through the Elevator Manufacturer. People on elevators have many distractions in their heads and often give you their backs as they face the elevator door. Saying excuse me or pardon me will signal your intentions of exiting, and they will move to help you leave. If needed, ask someone to hold the door for you. Walking around people in a crowded elevator might not give you enough time to reach the doors before closing. Ask someone close enough to make sure the door will remain open for you. More importantly, you have to exit quickly. Using an elevator should be a convenience and a time saver, while missing your floor will only delay you. Also, be mindful that other passengers may need to exit as well. Being swift about your exit helps everyone.


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