Best Way to Create Elevator Pitch


An elevator pitch is a quick one-minute introduction or “commercial” explaining the best of what you have to offer. By design, an elevator pitch is intended to capture your audience’s attention, help them remember you, and inspire them to connect and learn more.

A good elevator pitch will include the following:

Introduction- including your name, business, and mission statement.

Your company’s marketing tagline

Something unique that sets your business apart or that will help the audience understand what you can do for them. You want your audience to understand what the business is about!

Above all else, it will be simple, genuine, and friendly.

Sometimes the best way to teach is to demonstrate. Here is a quick example of a simple, but genuine pitch talking about something I love to share about my business: (OK, I may have had one of my talented copywriters give this a once over, but let me know what you think!)

Fujihd sought after by business owners to help them move their business forward, faster. I do this by providing amazing contractors who excel at quality project management and innovative business solutions.

The mission of fujihd elevator is to create a valued and trustworthy partnership, providing efficiency, professionalism and forward progress for you and your business.

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