Concerns for Those Who People Install and Maintain Elevator


let's take a look at the safety concerns for those who people install and maintain the elevator.

Elevator Contractor/Maintenance Personnel:

1. Elevator Contractors are the experts for emergency elevator safety procedures. Your elevator mechanic is certified in safety procedures. He/she knows how the elevator operates, can diagnose a reason for a shut down quickly, and can rescue passengers safely. TIP: Stay current on ASME A17.1 safety codes.

2. Be prompt. Certified elevator contractors are dedicated to their obligation to ensure that passengers feel safe and are not panicked by an encumbered elevator. It may take a little while for a mechanic to reach a site where an elevator is shut down; however, the mechanic’s training includes how to work with the riding public so people are not panicked by the situation.

The Elevator Safety Code ASME A17.4 focuses specifically on how to get people out of the car. Outlining proper procedures for getting people out of an elevator are followed – to keep the riding public safe. TIP: Communicate to the riding public using the car intercom speakers; tell them you are on the job or will be there shortly.

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