Fujihd Elevator Safety Tips for You


Here at FUJI elevator, we are constantly striving to keep the public and the riding personnel included in the need for safety when travelling in elevators and on escalators. We would like to share some of these recommendations with you.

When approaching elevators:

Know your destination. Push the elevator call button once for the direction you want to go.

Stand aside for existing passengers.

If the arriving elevator is full, wait for the next car.

Don’t try to stop closing doors. Wait for the next elevator.

Take the stairs if there is a fire or other situation that could lead to a disruption in electrical service.

When entering and exiting elevators:

Enter and exit carefully.

Once on board, quickly press the button for your floor, and move to the back of the car to make room for other passengers.

Hold children and pets firmly.

Stand clear of the doors – keep clothes and carry-ons away from the opening.

Push and hold the DOOR OPEN button if doors need to be held open, or ask someone to push the button for you.

Passengers nearest the doors should move first.

When riding elevators:

Stand next to the elevator wall.

If available, hold the handrail.

Pay attention to the floor indications and be prepared to exit at your destination.

If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, first push the DOOR OPEN button. If doors still don’t open, ring the ALARM BUTTON, and/or use the telephone or intercom. Wait until qualified people can assist you.

Elevator Rules:

Watch your step.

Leave closing doors alone.

If doors don’t open, ring alarm button and wait.

Never try to leave a stalled car.

If there is a fire in the building, use the stairs.

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