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For many of the same reasons, installing an lift in a residential home is becoming increasingly popular. These days, more and more home renovations are being undertaken for the sake of convenience. Some installations, though, are implemented as a matter of necessity...out of a need to attain a higher degree of accessibility and mobility within ones own home.

Installation of fujihd home lift can satisfy either or both of those potential considerations of convenience or necessity. More and more these days, single family homes are either being initially constructed with lifts or are being re-modeled to specifically include an lift.

One good reason to install a home lift is because you just want one...and that's usually a pretty good reason for just about anything..within reason and limitations, of course. But, what of the most excellent reason...that of necessity? Let' face it, we are all going to get older. That staircase in the home that used to suffice just fine for getting upstairs or down can, seemingly overnight, start looking allot more like work than just a means to an end. Carrying things up and down the stairs can not only become more difficult as we age...but can become dangerous as well.

The costs associated with selling an existing home and relocating to a new home can be quite exorbitant, but this is a common solution for millions of people with mobility issues who can no longer manage the stairs in their home. Instead of leaving their home, however, they could opt for the installation of an lift.

In the New York Times, the average cost of a residential lift installation is $15,000. This sort of lift, a 15 square foot hydraulic lift of "average" design in a pre-existing home, would be able to manage weights of 500 to 1,000 pounds and rise around 50 feet in total distance.

It could rely on cables or hydraulics and would demand no more space than a larger closet on each floor of the residence. Home improvement expert, Bob Vila, agrees with such figures and points out that most models can easily accommodate the average wheelchair or motorized scooter too - indicating an interior size of 15 square feet. Residential lifts can open on a single side or even three sides, they can be equipped with very basic fixtures or they can come with luxury interiors and even infrared sensors 1 to detect the presence of a passenger in the cabin.

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