How to Fit High-speed Elevator from China


With the city's high-rise buildings in one seat, high-speed elevator from China are becoming more and more popular. Some people take will be dizzy, nausea when take the high-speed elevator. Then, how to take the high-speed elevator will be the most comfortable and the safest?


Speed of passenger elevator from China is usually about 1 meter per second, high-speed elevator faster than 1.9 meters per second, with the elevator rise or fall, passengers will be in a very short period of time to withstand a larger air pressure, which will make them feel uncomfortable, or even instant deafness. People who are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease will feel dizzy and brain up. At this time, open the mouth, massage the ear, chew gum and even empty mouth chewing and other methods, can adjust the eardrums on the external pressure changes adaptability and relieve eardrum pressure.

In addition, in the usual ride elevator, there are some things that require special attention:

If the passenger is stuck in the car due to a sudden cause of the interruption, the car is often stopped in the non-leveling position, the passenger must not be tense and notify the elevator maintenance personnel through the car alarm device or other feasible means come to rescue, do not try to open the car door or open the car roof safety window to escape. Passengers in front of the ladder should see whether the elevator car parked in the layer, not blindly into, to prevent the door open and the car is not in the layer and fall into the shaft.

If you press the elevator button after the door is still closed, you should wait patiently, do not try to open the door lock, do not play in front of the floor so that hit the floor opened the door. Out of the elevator when the action should not be too slow, do not step on the floor for a long time on the foot of the car.

In the strong thunderstorm days, no emergency is best not to take the elevator, because the elevator room is usually located in the top of the roof, if the lightning protection device is faulty, easy to attract lightning. In addition, high-rise buildings in the event of a fire when you can not take the elevator downstairs. People who carry gas, alcohol, firecrackers and other flammable and explosive materials should not take the elevator up and down.

Fujihd Elevator as an international elevator manufacturing enterprises, has been adhering to the spirit of enterprise of innovation-driven, together the traditional craftsmen of the spirit of integration, rigorous and pragmatic attitude, in strict implementation of national standards at the same time, with international standards measure their own, to create a new elevator safety ecology, to become the world's outstanding elevator equipment solutions service providers!

Fujihd elevator put forward higher requirements from the design, manufacture, installation of the three aspects of the elevator safety, fit its only for the safety, energy saving, comfort as the center of the trinity brand core concept!

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