Notes for Fuji Escalator and Moving Walkway


A survey shows that the elevator events frequently caused by children wearing soft foam shoes. Hole shoes texture for the polyethylene resin, soft material, non-slip performance is too good, which is easy to stuck in the mobile escalator and other transmission equipment. When an accident occurs, children with little effort are often more difficult to remove the shoes.


Shoelaces easily fall into the gap between the elevator, and then bring the shoes into a part of the folder to the toes. Before taking the escalator, wearing a lace shoes parents should pay attention to their own with the child's lace is good. In case of being caught, be sure to call for help in time, please press the "stop" button as soon as possible to avoid greater damage.

Child action is not flexible enough, coordination, their visual force is also less accurate, wearing a toe shoes greatly increased the possibility of foot injury. Take the elevator, due to improper timing may encounter a level elevator to the toe kicked. Therefore, parents give their children the best choice when buying sandals wrapped feet style.

Take the escalator precautions

1. Before the escalator, be sure to see the direction of operation, into the elevator to be careful.

2. Do not barefoot or wearing a loose shoes with shoes escalator. Wear long skirts or hand carry items When you take a escalator, please pay attention to skirts and items, beware of being caught.

3. Into the escalator, do not step on the junction of the two ladder, so that escalators run to the tilt section, due to the height of the ladder before and fall.

4. Take the escalator, hold the handrail, feet standing in the cascade, to avoid the station near the edge. Hand tighten the child or grasp the easy to drop the small items.

5. Can not rely on the escalator on both sides or leaning on the handrail, easy to be brought down; do not rush in time on the escalator running, so not only increase the chance of falling, but also easily lead to escalator failure.

6. When the escalator in a sudden situation, in front of the passengers accidentally fell, you can hand grip hand, one hand against each other so that it does not fall, while crying for help. There are "emergency stop" buttons at the end of the escalator. When an elevator encounters an emergency, the staff or passengers can press the button to let the elevator brake.

7. If no way the first time press the tight stop button, the occupant to use both hands tightly grasp the hand lift lift handrail, and then lift his feet, do not touch the lift lift, so that people will follow Lift the fence to move, will not fall, but there is a premise that the people on the elevator can not be too much.

8. Such as accidentally fall on the escalator, should be crossed with both fingers fingers, protect the back of the brain and neck, elbow forward, protect the two sides of the temple. Because the neck will be a strong impact will damage the nerves, light prone to paralysis, severe life-threatening.

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