Passenger Elevator from China Protected by Door Reopening Devices


Infrared Safety Curtains– These devices scan the areas adjacent to the elevator door(s) and automatically reopen the door(s) when the presence of an object is detected. This is the most modern means of door protection.

Infrared Safety Curtains - These devices scan the area adjacent to the elevator door and automatically open the door when an object is detected. This is the latest elevator door protection means. Mechanical edge - these devices must be in physical contact with people or objects to trigger reopening.

If someone moves to the elevator, use the open button on the elevator to control panel to wait for them. The door reopening device is designed to be closed at the last 2 to 4 inch distance, so that the object should not be adhered to the closed door path.

The elevator needs to be parked on each floor of platform within plus or minus 1/2 "or less. The easiest way to assess the maximum allowable "tolerance" of your elevator proximity code is to pass the sole through the landing threshold.Anyone who wears glasses should be careful.

It is also significant to have a running emergency light in the passenger elevator from China from to avoid leaving the trapped passenger in the dark while waiting for assistance in an emergency.

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