Safety Systems in Panoramic Elevator


In the Panoramic Elevator, the safety of passengers is essential. Henda Fuji offers a variety of safety functions.

Speeding governor: In order to protect the elevator does not exceed the limited speed, all elevators must be equipped with overspeed governor. If the elevator travels more than 40% of the design speed, it will take action and stop the elevator. This design is for the work of the elevator car down. In the case of overspeed, this activates the safety block of the elevator car, thereby causing the vehicle to be clogged with rails. Even in the case of a very rare and extreme main rope break, the safety block can hold the elevator car in its position.

Beyond travel protection: Provide electronic and multiple mechanical limit switches on the terminal landing to ensure that the Fuji elevator does not travel more than it does, and hits the ceiling upwards or downwards.

Door & door lock: The axis of the Fuji elevator movement is a gap. Passengers on any floor can protect the gap through the landing door. The landing door has mechanical and electrical safety.

Overload sensor:Fuji elevator is equipped with a sensor for monitoring the passenger load in the elevator. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, the elevator will send an alarm and will not issue any command.

Light curtain: This is the car door at the entrance of the electronic equipment, used to detect passenger traffic within the car. When the detector is blocked, the retrace the door when it is closed.

Automatic Rescue device: This is a battery-powered device which can help the Fuji lift reach the nearest floor and stops when power outage, which can help to save the passengers when necessary.

Emergency Alarm: Each Fuji elevator is equipped with a battery-powered emergency alarm, if someone trapped inside the elevator, he can use this elevator button and get attention.

Emergency light: One of all fixtures in the Fuji elevator car needs to be supported by a battery or UPS, and the lamp can continue to provide the necessary lighting in the event of a power failure.

Buffer Springs: A spring is provided below the car. This is a balanced weight, so in very few cases, the car driving in any direction, some mechanical energy can be absorbed, reducing the impact of passengers in the Fuji elevator.

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