The Quality Demands of Fuji Freight Elevator


The quality you need in Fuji freight elevator is the factor we consider when designing and building them. Our standard features include steel wall panels and specially strengthened doors. The Fujihd elevator cargo application is intended to handle any plant, warehouse or industrial project in the most economical and efficient manner. The controllers we use in our freight elevators are the advanced technology controllers in elevator industrial.


For freight elevators, wear is critical to maintenance and service, as any service disruption can damage logistics and installation. Our customers rely on our services and our diligence, and our products as reliable. Even if your building is located in the distance, our technical staff will arrive. Representatives of Fujihd Elevator are pleased to plan to install with your building team, architect and general contractor to ensure that your elevator is used for a long time.

Our customization capabilities enable us to actually build the designs you need, including housings, floors, special specifications for walls, ceilings and paints. We also provide anti-destructive fixtures to increase durability. Fuji elevator design staff design custom elevator, from the control system to the fixture to meet your project's special requirements. By integrating highly advanced digital technology, the Fuji Elevator controller can operate efficiently year after year. In our manufacturing facility, the components are tested after each build phase and then tested again as a complete unit before shipping. This will ensure the long-term performance of Fuji Elevator.

Your local Fuji representative will assist in determining the size, capacity and speed of your elevator to achieve the most efficient and economical operation. All Fuji elevator applications are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant quality standards.

Fuji Elevator has a variety of cargo doors to choose from. It is recommended to use a balanced, vertical double-door, both of which can provide maximum fire protection. All balance doors have a cornerstone for the truck to provide a smooth surface to connect the truck building base and the elevator platform. Need to manually through the power supply door and the door between the traffic. The manual is recommended for operation in frequently used cases. Door frames, power entry and doors, lintels and windowsill are provided by the general contractor.

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