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As the name suggests, passenger elevator is only to carry people between floors. These elevators is normally very heavy in the range of 500-3000 kilos. These are of 2 types - electric and hydraulic which can move up to eight floors. These are capable of reaching speeds of about 200-500ft/min. In building which are higher than ten floors gearless elevators are used which can also travel at similar speeds and those which are installed for more than ten floors can travel at speeds unto 2000 ft/min. These passenger elevators can be used not only in small buildings like in a home but also in huge buildings. These residential elevators are slow and their carrying capacity is less but the passenger elevators installed in huge buildings have higher carrying capacity and are fast between floors.

These elevators are powered by AC/DC motors which drive the cables which helps the elevator cab to move up and down in the vertical direction. Passenger elevators help in speedy transport of people and add classy touch to a building. Elevators Manufacturers are the best makers and suppliers of elevators for a long time. We use top quality materials in the making of these machines and hence you can expect them to run efficiently for many many years. We should take safety measures to protect the passengers and the buildings, so passenger elevator maintenance is necessary.

And more about the safety of passenger elevators, NAESA (National Association of Elevator Safety Authority) has taken measures to assure each and every elevator inspector upholds the elevator code of ethics while the EESF's (Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation) mission is to educate the public on passenger elevator safety.

One aspect of note to the elevator inspector is the safety brake, along with the speed-sensing governor, commonly found in traction elevators. Much like an emergency brake in a car, it slows down the elevator car if it plummets. The door system has also improved over the years, with the addition of an invisible light ray sensor that reverses the door without making contact with a human or object. The interlock switch assists in the movement of the passenger elevator only when the doors have come to a complete close, while door restraint system restricts the opening of the doors unless it is at a floor level. Emergency alarms, telephones, lighting and power are equipped in most elevator cars to assist in a possible power outage or unexpected stop. And, there is a fire emergency system that can respond to smoke or can be set off manually in case of a fire.

While passenger elevator safety has come a long way, it is important to not only build safe, new means of transport but to continually improve upon existing elevators. Elevator inspectors evaluate wait times and elevator speeds on a regular basis for checking the safety. Parts for older models are getting harder to find in passenger elevator maintenance so buildings can upgrade the systems to micro-processor base controls which reduce average wait times by up to 50%.

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