Up And Down the China Elevator Witness Civilization


Modern life cannot leave the China Elevator, this morning, the reporter visited the city several sets elevator in public places, found both inside and outside the elevator, Chinese citizens generally show a high quality.

In zhenhua department on the first floor, a lot of people waiting for the elevator. Under the elevator door opened, and to a lot of passengers, everyone consciously let aside, such as the people inside out, not only into the elevator.

A man just entered the building, found the doors will be closed. He ran in the past, it's a pity that late one step, the door shut. When he was about to wait for the next elevator, the elevator door opened. The inside of the original passengers to see the gentleman to catch the elevator, quickly press the open button.

At the mall, a group of boys in waiting for the elevator together, later, a woman with a baby in her arms. The boys behind to immediately and let ladies first.

The elevator is small is the important place of civilization. Waiting for the elevator when friendly greeting each other, the elevator, each other comity, civilized and orderly when in and out of the elevator, yantai citizens show a civilization when elevator style explaining the urban civilization from the details.

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