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Escalator Company Recommend Regular Maintenance of the Elevator

Fuji is a professional Escalator Company, we recommend that you regularly maintain your elevator. First, the regular maintenance of the elevator. The regular maintenance and routine maintenance work of the elevator should be carried out by professionals. According to the different inspection and maintenance interval dates and the contents of the maintenance project, the maintenance…

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Elevator Knowledge from Elevator Manufacturer Fuji

When choosing elevator, economical is the owner’s concern in the selection of elevators, mainly related to elevator equipment costs, civil construction costs, installation costs, operating costs, maintenance costs, tariffs and insurance costs. Elevator Manufacturers Fuji uses the latest technology to reduce manufacturing costs. The cost of equipment depends on the type of elevator, functional configuration,…

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Elevator Manufacturer Follows Operating Specifications When Installing The Elevator

Elevators, also known as elevators, move in vertical shafts to carry passengers or cargo between floors of a multi-story building. Most modern elevators are driven by electric motors, with counterweights, through cable and pulley (pulley) systems. By opening high-rise buildings, elevators are creating many modern cities, and Elevator Manufacturers play an indispensable role in the…

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