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Precautions of Selecting the Passenger Escalator Manufacturer

Elevator company grade positioning standards: the elevator manufacturer must be a professional production Escalator Manufacturer, the registered capital of not less than 100 million yuan can not be OEM. Important components of the elevator to have leading technology, such as passenger elevators, elevator sightseeing elevator is a permanent magnet synchronous car door machine is frequency…

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Frequency Conversion Technology of Cargo Elevator

Cargo elevator is a large power consumption, each cargo elevator at least equivalent to 10 air conditioners, but also produce electromagnetic waves, noise interference. Therefore, the government and manufacturers will jointly implement the application of energy-saving technologies. Such as “maglev” -like operation Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive technology works similar to the maglev train, through…

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PLC Programmable Logic Controller in Passenger Elevator

PLC Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a new type of industrial control device based on computer technology that can be used for passenger elevators. PLC is a kind of electronic device specially designed for digital operation applied in industrial environment. It uses programmable memory to store instructions for operations such as logic operations, sequential operations,…

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