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Elevator Manufacturer Provides Safety Knowledge for Passenger Elevators II

The Elevator Manufacturer continues to give you the safety knowledge of the passenger elevator. The daily maintenance of the elevator must be carried out by the installation, transformation, maintenance unit or elevator manufacturing unit that has obtained the permit in accordance with these Regulations. The elevator should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least…

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Elevator Manufacturer Provides Safety Knowledge for Passenger Elevators I

The Elevator Manufacturer provides you with safety knowledge about the passenger elevator. How to identify if the passenger elevator is safe? When passengers take the elevator, they should first check whether there is a stainless steel brand with “safety inspection qualified” in the elevator; secondly, there are no registration number, registration authority, inspection unit and…

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Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Provides Escalator Installation Precautions

Elevator Manufacturers Hengda Fuji gives you advice on elevator installation. The escalator is a power-driven, continuously moving staircase designed to transport passengers up and down at short vertical distances. Escalators are a convenient tool for moving pedestrians around the world. The main areas of use include shopping centers, airports, transportation systems, trade centers, hotels and…

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