10 Tips on Operation Procedures of Cargo Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-28

The application of elevators has become very popular. Different types of elevators are needed in different places. Different types of elevators have different Operation Procedures. In this article, the professional Escalator Factory - fujihd.net will tell you 10 Tips Safety operating procedures of Fujihd cargo elevator.

1. Before opening the elevator hall door into the car, you must first determine whether the car stopped at the floor.

2. Before starting work every day, the number of trips on the elevator must be checked to see if there are any abnormalities. Check the cleaning hall, more door ridge with or without foreign body.

3. This elevator is for loading, except for elevator operators, prohibiting others from carrying.

4. When the hall door is closed, the hall door can not be opened by hand. When the hall, car door is not fully closed, the elevator can not start.

5. Car carrying items shall not exceed the rated load of the elevator. Not allowed to ship flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods, in case of special circumstances must be shipped, subject to approval by the security department, and take appropriate safety protection measures.

6. Carrying items should be placed as far as possible in the middle of the car, to avoid dumping in operation. It is forbidden to ship long objects by opening the safety window at the top of the car or the safety door of the car.

7. Elevator failure should stop running, and promptly notify the maintenance staff for maintenance.

8. Elevator maintenance, should be hung in the hall door "elevator maintenance stop running" warning signs.

9. When the elevator is used up, the elevator operator should stop the car at the grassroots level, and all the switches on the control panel to open, close the hall car door.

10. Elevator operators should advise others not to take the lifts.

11. When cleaning the equipment room health, must be under the supervision of the staff.

12. The elevator key shall not be used by undocumented persons.

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