Leader of Huzhou City Led to Visit Fujihd Escalator Manufacturer

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-06-19

Recently, Huzhou City leaders Chen Weijun, Qian Sanxiong and other relevant departments and other officials when the examiner, to Nanxun field study of new, under construction and completion of production projects, the first stop in Nanxun District, located in the city of science and technology park Hengfu Group four intelligent Manufacturing base for investigation and research.


Party Secretary Chen Weijun and his entourage first came to the Hengfu Group administrative building, executive president Qian Zhenhua enthusiastically to the leaders introduced the Hengfu Group training industry intelligent plant project situation. The project was signed in May 2013 and started construction in March 2014. The project can achieve an annual output of 20,000 full ladder, 5,000 sets of three-dimensional parking garage and 20000 sets of elevator accessories. Heng Fu Group four intelligent manufacturing base project has been included in the provincial major industry demonstration projects, the provincial 411 projects and key construction projects and key construction projects. The total investment of the project is 680 million yuan, and the fixed assets investment is 620 million yuan. After the project is put into production, it is estimated that the annual sales income will be 2 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes will be 380 million yuan.


Subsequently, a line of leadership in-depth intelligent manufacturing workshop to visit. Party Secretary Chen Weijun detailed understanding of the intelligent manufacturing plant production, production capacity, employment and so on. And hope that Hengfu Group can continue to maintain a good momentum of development, efforts to consolidate and enhance the new platform, new technologies, new advantages, new models, new equipment, new products, new state And other aspects of the good momentum, and further strengthen the confidence, reinforcing short board, pull the benchmark, precision force, with good results for the Chinese elevator industry to contribute to the satisfaction of the respondents, for the global users to provide more quality, safe, comfortable, intelligent elevator product. Chairman and chairman Qian Jiangming said that we must live up to the leadership of the municipal party committee entrusted and concerned about the realization of their own brand development at the same time, but also wholeheartedly for customer service, excellence for customers to create superior value, The Fujihd Escalator Manufacturer from China to become a social respect The great business!

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