Some Basic Functions of Fuji Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-06-19

Running function set in the automatic state or the driver state, FUJI Elevator in response to the operation of the car during the command signal at the same time, automatically respond to the outside of the room call button signal, any service layer of passengers, can register the call signal call the elevator.


Elevator into the maintenance state, the system to cancel the automatic operation and automatic door operation. Press the up (down) button to move the elevator upwards (down) at the speed of the maintenance. Release the button The elevator stops running immediately.

The driver can be selected by turning the switch through the control box. The elevator can be selected by the driver to run the direction and other functions, the elevator is closed in the driver continued to press the door under the conditions of the button.

The driver can select the elevator through the special button to run the direction of direct docking to the principle of distance, automatic calculation from start to stop the smooth curve, no crawling, directly docked in the leveling position. The best curve automatic generation system according to the need to run the distance, automatically calculate the most suitable for the principle of man-machine function curve, there is no limit, and not limited by short floors.

In the automatic running without a driver, when the car is full of load, the elevator does not respond to the outside call outside the call signal. However, this time outside the call can still be registered, will be in the next run-time service. When the set time is exceeded, there is no internal command and the station call, the elevator automatically returns to the base station waiting.

The system automatically determines the opening time according to the set time, the instruction opens the door, the door protects the door, the delay opens the door and so on to keep the opening time different.

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