Advantages And Disadvantages Of Machine Roomless Elevators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-03-16

The Machine Roomless Elevators is in contrast to the elevator in the organic room, that is, using modern production technology to miniaturize the equipment in the equipment room as far as possible while maintaining the original performance, eliminating the need for a computer room and the control cabinet in the original engine room. Traction machines, speed limiters, etc. move to the top of the hoistway or to the side of the hoistway, eliminating the traditional machine room. In order to meet the customer's special requirements for height and roof.

The advantage of the machine-room-less room is to save space, and you can only make a maintenance platform under the host. Since there is no need for a computer room, there is a greater benefit to the structure and cost of the building. This allows the architect to have greater flexibility and convenience in design, giving the designer more freedom, and at the same time canceling the computer room. For owners, the cost of building a machine-roomless elevator is lower than that of an organic elevator.

Due to the particularity of the overall design of some antique building buildings and the requirements for the roof, elevator problems must be solved within an effective height. Therefore, the machine-roomless elevator is very suitable for such construction needs. In addition, in places with scenic spots, the room is high on the floor. At the same time, it destroys the local ethnic heterogeneity. If a machine-roomless elevator is used, it is not necessary to set up the main engine room of the elevator separately, which can effectively reduce the height of the building. It is inconvenient to set up places for elevator rooms, such as hotels, hotel affiliated buildings, and podiums.

There are two kinds of host placement methods for machine-room-less housing: one is that the host is placed on the top of the car, and the guide wheel is connected through the shaft. No matter which of the above methods is used, the impact of noise is very large because of the use of steel connection. , And the noise must be digested in the well, plus the sound of the brake, the fan's voice will be amplified. Therefore, in terms of noise, the machine-room-less room is significantly larger than the organic room. In addition, due to the rigid connection of the main unit, the resonance phenomenon is inevitably transmitted to the car and the guide rail, and the influence on the car and the guide rail is relatively large.