Basic Information oF Freight Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-11-27

Freight elevators are used to transport, elevate, elevate or deliver goods instead of people. This is the name itself already implied. When it comes to shipping, another term or name is a freight elevator that from Escalator Manufacturer - fujihd. The main function of doing this is to carry the goods rather than the people, although it is possible to carry both goods at the same time.

Due to its intended purpose, it is known that it is much larger than the other variants. It can also afford to design more weight than primarily for human services. These things are usually tailored to warehouses, shopping malls and other large facilities that may be served.

The design is usually based on factors such as the required size, the total weight carried, and how the goods are loaded and unloaded. Other factors include whether it is hand or some form of shipping. Heavy lift can even load trucks.

They often have a manual door. There may even be multiple doors to load from the front and back. Some can even open from both sides. Occasionally, the interior is unfinished, which is done due to all the loading and unloading done deliberately, which may be done by damaging one.

These are similar to human designs, as these can be traction or hydraulic. Traction using wire rope. Then pull them along the deep groove pulley. Hydraulic use of a piston, so it can be pushed from below.

Both types require some kind of counter weight. This is usually done by placing another car at the end of the rope. Hydraulic lifts are much cheaper, but slower, not as tall as traction variants. Hydraulic also leaked oil, which is the concern of environmentalists.