Basic Safety Inspection of Fuji Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-02-23

The purpose of this document is to briefly review the basics of Fuji Elevator safety and how to ensure your elevator maintenance provider receives any remedy. We conclude that about 55% of elevator problems occur at the elevator entrance. The area is constantly monitored by the builders to ensure the safe use of elevators by passengers.

Infrared Security Curtain - When an object is detected, these devices scan the area adjacent to the elevator doors and automatically re-open the door. This is the most modern means of protection. Electronic cameras - These devices emit two or more fixed beams, which are reopened when someone or something breaks the beam. These are used in conjunction with the mechanical safety margin.

Mechanical edges - these devices must be in physical contact with people or objects to trigger reopening. All of these devices are used as a safety measure only. They are not convenient for passengers.

If someone moves to the Fuji elevator, use the door open button on the car's control panel to wait. The door re-opening device is designed to close during the last 2 to 4 inches of travel so that no one should stick the object or body in the closed doorway. The average waiting time for elevators is 20 to 30 seconds. This is not to wait for a long time to avoid injury. Elevator leveling: The Fuji elevator needs to be parked in front of each floor or both.

Anyone wearing glasses has to be careful the transition point of the lens is usually blurred. When someone is landing, a horizontal landing may not be detected. If unfortunate events occur, people are trapped in the elevator, and when they can talk to someone over the phone, they are usually relieved or can draw the attention of others. When someone knows about the upcoming help, anxiety will soon ease.

It is also important to run emergency lights in elevators to avoid staying in the dark while waiting for assistance. You can ask your elevator maintenance provider to regularly test the emergency light during route maintenance visits. When using the elevator, take some time to check the functionality of these devices. Fuji Elevator has been retained as an expert witness to many elevator litigation and may easily avoid injury.