Choose Machine Roomless Elevator for Your Building

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-01-03

At present, small high-rise residential buildings throughout the country occupy the largest share of residential development. Many developers choose elevators for the development of 6-storey high-rise residential buildings to meet the rapid economic development in China and the needs of homebuyers. The choice of what kind of elevator and how to save development costs, which is currently placed in front of designers and developers the most important issue. Developers in the development of projects can not but consider economic benefits and housing sales cycle, so choose the elevator should be to reduce costs and shorten the sales cycle is the key.

The first is the choice of elevator configuration. A two-story residential ladder, select the elevator load and speed: 500KG, 0.75M / S for the best, is the most economical and reasonable choice; the other is the choice of 630KG load, 0.5M / S-1.0M / S equipped. 500KG elevator can ride 6-7 people, at the same time can have two to three households ride together; 6-storey residential height of three meters per storey calculation, direct travel 0.5M / S speed of 30 seconds, 0.75M / S speed is 20 seconds, if 1.0M / S speed is 15 seconds. Every time the elevator is usually 2 minutes, even if the six-story households at the same time ladder, within 10 minutes you can ride all. The relevant provisions of the elevator from the first floor to the top of the time does not exceed 60 seconds, this 6-story residential speed of not less than 0.25M / S is entirely possible, and choose 0.5-0.75M / S for the most suitable and economical speed select.

Second, the choice of elevator varieties. The choice of small high-rise elevators must take into account the overall cost of development. The comprehensive cost of elevator use includes construction cost, construction cost, elevator equipment cost and installation cost. The overall cost to be eventually spread to the unit area.

Therefore, the choice should be the first choice of low-cost civil engineering elevator, followed by the choice of the right price elevator products. At present, elevators suitable for small high-rise residential buildings are mainly machine roomless elevator, because machine roomless elevator enable developers and designers to embody personalized designs while room-less elevator costs less than RMB400,000 for civil engineering costs. Therefore, choosing a machine roomless elevator factory in residential projects will also be the first choice for Chinese developers.