Common Problems in Elevator Maintenance

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-12

Let elevator manufacturers hengda fuji tell you common problems in elevator maintenance.

(1) Elevator accidents are not timely. The elevator maintenance company was in a mess, and the maintenance level was uneven, which led to the elevator not being able to save. At present, there are many elevator repair companies in the country, but due to improper market management, the maintenance levels of various companies are uneven, and the emergency response capability is poor. As a result, many repair and construction organizations cannot get to the maintenance site in time after receiving elevator failures, thereby missing the most. Good rescue opportunity. In addition, a large number of maintenance units did not formulate emergency plans in advance, and they often arranged personnel for temporary arrangements after receiving notifications. This has severely affected the progress of the rescue.

(2) The elevator maintenance market is chaotic. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the large number of elevators used in urban construction, the demand for elevators on the market has also increased year by year. At the same time, the rapid development of its maintenance and repair units has been promoted, but the service quality of elevator maintenance has been uneven. Mainly in many companies do not have professional maintenance and technical personnel, but there is no necessary equipment and maintenance quality assurance system. In addition, some companies reduce their maintenance quotation in order to create profits or gain customers, but they cut corners when repairing and shoddy.

(3) The quality of the elevator maintenance team is not high. With the increase of elevator maintenance market demand, many elevator maintenance companies have also established. This has led to an increase in the market competitiveness of elevator maintenance and reduced the economic benefits. Many professional maintenance technicians are leaving more and more posts, and elevator maintenance and construction units do not pay enough attention to the training of professional and technical personnel. Many new employees do not have high professional skills, and they do not fully understand the safety performance of elevators. The maintenance progress is slow.

(4) Elevator users lack a sense of maintenance. Although there are clear regulations in our country, the use of elevators must ensure the maintenance and repair work on the 15th, and details and emphasize the contents of maintenance. However, a large part of elevator use units did not carry out maintenance and repair work on time according to the regulated contents. Do not perform maintenance and maintenance work even for one month. In order to cope with the inspection of the relevant units, some use units only have a rough inspection during the inspection of elevator safety, and it is easy to miss some hidden safety problems in the operation of elevators.