Does The Elevator Supplier Explain Why The Elevator Is Going To Be In The Mirror?

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-01-25

With the development of science and technology, human travel has become more and more convenient. The emergence of elevators has reduced the burden on people to go up and down the stairs. The elevator is a kind of vertical lift powered by electric motors, which can be seen everywhere in our lives. Especially for high-rise buildings, elevators have become standard. Elevators have brought convenience to our lives. Especially when the destination is on a higher floor, just walk into the elevator and press the up or down arrow button. Can meet our upstream or downstream needs. The elevator also provides convenience for carrying heavy loads or people with disabilities.

Usually, when we take the elevator, we will find a mirror in the elevator. So today, the fuji Elevator Supplier  will explain what is the main function of the mirror in the elevator?

1. Finishing clothes and makeup with a mirror.

If there are fewer elevators, you can use mirror reflections to organize your clothes and so on, and it is convenient for ladies to make up their makeup.

2. Reduce claustrophobia

The space in the elevator is relatively small. In this sealed space, people will inevitably have anxiety. Sometimes we will also see some special cases of elevator accidents in the news. Although the chance is particularly small, it is easy to cause inner heart. Anxiety and panic, especially in the small space elevators, flooding into a lot of people, people in the elevators at the peak of the commute are nearing saturation, and some people go up and down the elevator every level. Reciprocating alternately. It will make some people feel the unknown fear and nervousness. The reflection of the mirror can make the space of the elevator look bigger.

3. Prevent thieves or people with bad thoughts from harassing.

If a person is behind or on the side, you can observe the situation around you through the mirrors in various positions in the elevator. If you find that it is not right, you can do some coping, or sink into the nearest floor, and then lift the elevator to ensure that we are ourselves. Security.

4. Persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs

When a disabled person is in a wheelchair, it is inconvenient to turn around and the line of sight is subject to certain restrictions. The reflection of the mirror allows them to confirm the entrance and exit position of the elevator. After the disabled enters the elevator, they can see the floor lights from the mirror at the first time without turning around, which is convenient for disabled people.