Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Fuji Passenger Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-11

Fuji Passenger Elevator refers to elevator that only carry people between floors. These elevators are usually very heavy in the range of 500-3000 kilograms. These two types - electric and hydraulic, can be moved to the eight level. These can reach speeds of about 200-500ft / min. In buildings over ten storeys, a gearless elevator can also be operated at a similar speed, while elevators above ten storeys can travel at speeds of 2000 ft / min. These passenger elevators are used for small buildings, such as domestic or large buildings. These residential elevators operate slowly and have poor carrying capacity, but passenger elevators installed in large buildings have higher carrying capacity and are faster between floors.

Choose the right passenger lift from fuji elevator manufacturers:

Speed: speed is not just speed up, but speed and gate are also important

Quality: the quality of the material elevator is based on

Safety and backup function: elevator movement during electric cutting.

Elevator instructions and load capacity

Maintenance costs and availability of services are needed

The elevators are well equipped and built on the most advanced technology. These elevators are very helpful for physically challenged people and for older people, and there is plenty of room for wheelchairs, just in case one person will move. The security functions are interlocked door locking systems, manual door holders, telephones, security cameras, air conditioners, etc.. These elevators have lower waiting times and downtime. If these elevators, the minimum braking drop, the phone is some guarantee. Passenger elevators require less maintenance than other elevators.

When these elevators are well monitored, they can operate effectively over a long period of time. Passenger elevators are environmentally friendly and consume much less power. Other safety features of these elevators include fireman's switch, emergency stop button, pit switch, interlock button, overspeed button, motor overload protection, etc.. Some normal functions are digital cab position indicator, comprehensive collective control, automatic / manual operation, door opening buzzer, emergency alarm bell, cab ventilation, and so on. Elevator manufacturers produce and deliver passenger elevators, fully install all safety features.