Elevator from Elevator Manufacturer Fuji (10 Safety Features)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-03

Whether it is work, life or entertainment, we all can't leave the lift. In a lift, safety of passenger is given utmost important. There are multiple safety features provided in a certified elevator. Especially the elevator that from fujihd elevator manufacturer, it has 10 safety features, Please follow my steps now to find out the detail of 10 safety features in fujihd elevators:

Over speed governor: In order to protect the elevator from exceeding rated speed, an over speed device called over speed governor is compulsory for all elevators. In case of elevators traveling in 40% excess of designed speed, this will come in to action and stop the elevator. This devise is designed to work for elevator cars traveling in down direction. In case of over-speed this activates the safety block of elevator car thus jamming the car with rails. It is this safety block that can hold the elevator car in its place even in very rare and extreme case of breaking of main ropes.

Over travel protection : Electronic as well as more than one mechanical limit switch are provided on terminal landing i.e. lobby and top most floor to ensure that the elevator do not over travel and hit the ceiling in up direction or pit in down direction.

Door & door lock: The shaft in which the elevator moves is a void. Passengers standing on any floor is protected from this void with the landing door. The landing door is provided with mechanical as well as electrical safety.

Overload sensor: Every elevator is provided with sensors to monitor passenger load inside the elevator, in case the load is more than the rating capacity, the elevator will give alarm and will not take any command

Light curtain: This is an electronic device at entrance of the car door, this is to detect in and out passenger movement from car. The detector, on sensing obstruction, retrace doors while closing

Automatic Rescue device: This is a battery operated device that help apartment elevators to come to the nearest floor and stop during power failure. This helps in rescuing passengers if necessary.

Emergency Alarm: Every elevator is provided with a battery operated emergency alarm so that if someone is trapped inside the elevator, he/she can press the button inside elevator and attract attention

Intercom: Battery operated intercom is provided so that the person inside the elevator can connect to lobby if he/she needs help.

Emergency light: One among all the lights inside the elevator car needs to be supported by battery or UPS so that when power fails this light will continue to provide necessary illumination.

Buffer Springs: Springs are provided below the car. This acts as a counter weight so that in rare case of car over traveling in either direction some mechanical energy gets absorbed reducing the impact to passengers inside the lift。

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