Elevator from Elevator Manufacturer Fuji (4 Quality of Service)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-03

Quality of service is a vital but non visible aspect of the service done to the Apartment Lift. Since the entire work of elevator maintenance is done either in machine room or from top of car, users are not exposed to the kind of work done. Every elevator company has their own methodology of maintenance.

Maintenance is broken down into following aspects

Routine maintenance: which covers all user interface aspect of elevators like call buttons, display, levelling of elevator, intercom, ARD. Light, door operation etc.

Preventive maintenance: Based on defined frequency some component of elevator needs preventive maintenance like machine, ropes, break, car guide shoes, rails etc.

Major repair and replacement: Some mechanical components need replacement on basis of their life cycle. The same is done either based on time lapsed or visual inspections. Electronic components cannot be replaced by visual inspection. They are subjected to regular testing and are replaced based on defined mean time between their inception and estimated time when it would fail or on actual failure of components.

Breakdown repairs: Repair or replacement of particular components to restart elevator on breakdown.

So, choosing a professional Elevator Manufacturer is very important because they will provide regular maintenance to ensure the normal operation of your elevator. The superior service guarantees the outstanding product performance.