Elevator Manufacturer Analyzes Common Faults In Elevator Mechanical Systems

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-12-06

Failure of the elevator mechanical system accounts for a small portion of all elevator failures, but in the event of a failure, it can cause long-term downtime or electrical failure, even serious equipment and personal accidents. Further reducing the failure of the elevator mechanical system is a goal that maintenance personnel strive to achieve. Today fuji Elevator Manufacturer  Analyzes Common Faults In Elevator Mechanical Systems

Due to poor lubrication of the lubrication system or failure of the lubrication system, the components of the transmission components will be burned and the components of the rolling or sliding components will be damaged and forced to stop maintenance. Since there is no routine inspection and maintenance, the wear of the parts, the rolling and sliding parts are not checked in time, and the wear of the parts is not properly repaired, resulting in damage to the parts. Forced to stop repairing.

Due to the vibration of the elevator during operation, the fastening bolts are loose, the components are displaced, the original precision is lost, and the repair cannot be repaired in time, resulting in grinding, collision and collision components stopping. Since the elevator balance factor is too far from the standard, the elevator car is overloaded at the bottom or top. When the top is over, the speed limiter and safety device are used to force the elevator to stop and wait for repairs.

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