Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Creating A Safe Environment

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-11

Elevator Manufacturer Fuji is committed to creating a safe environment for elevators. These doors cannot open the hoistway and the elevator is running in a closed and locked state. Each door has a switch with a safety contact to confirm the closing of the door, which is connected in series with the safety circuit of the elevator control system. As long as the door cannot be closed, the elevator will not run. During the maintenance of the elevator, it is necessary to open the door or hole to the well location and reliable isolation measures must be taken to ensure that the passenger does not enter any possible shaft.

The doors open and close. The door is a device that opens or closes the car and is also a device for opening and closing the door. In general, the car door can only be opened while parked. Its opening and closing is usually driven by a door opener, which is connected to the door by special devices and doors and synchronizes the movement of the two doors. In order to prevent collision during passenger closing, the maximum closing speed is not more than 0.3M / S, the maximum stopping closing force is not more than 150N, the average closing speed of maximum kinetic energy is not more than 10J; the passenger encounters automatic opening when closing the door; the door is not completely closed In this case, the elevator cannot be started or the elevator can be kept running. In special circumstances, in the vicinity of the station, stop the movement in the car and cut off the power supply of the door machine. The force should not exceed 300N to open the door and connect to the floor.

Hengda Fuji Elevator has always created a safe working environment as the basic guarantee for employees. Through unscheduled safety production training, fire drills, emergency evacuation and guidance, it has created a safe and harmonious working atmosphere for employees. Over the years, the theme of “Safe Production” of Hengda Fuji Elevator has never changed. The good operation and development over the years has proved the good implementation and implementation of the business tenet of “Customer Satisfaction and Employees Happiness”. The benign rapid development of Fuji Elevator has laid a solid foundation for the fortress.