Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Eliminate Elevator Problems for Your Safety

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-21

Elevator Manufacturer Fuji can quickly solve elevator problems and eliminate your problems.

When the rope wheel switch is disconnected, the elevator is stopped. Like the hoisting rope, the speed governor rope will also stretch during use. Due to the effect of the bottom pit rising rope weight, the rising rope wheel switch is offset until the switch is opened.

This type of failure, for newly installed elevators, maintenance personnel must check once a month, after one year of operation, check once every three months, so that it can prevent problems before they happen. According to the design requirements of the elevator: the elevator can only start running after each floor and car door of the elevator is closed (fast train), if any one of the hall doors or the car door does not close the elevator can not run.

Due to the ash accumulation of the door lock contacts, the contact is poor, resulting in fire, resulting in the phenomenon of stopping the ladder, when the time is good or bad, but the fault is not known. Such faults require the maintenance personnel to check whether the door lock contacts, the gap, the door wire rope are extended, whether the door connecting rod is loose, whether the door lock block lock hook is deformed or damaged.

At such situation, Fuji elevator knows that we should find problems, and eliminate them in time, and reduce unnecessary stoppages. In reality, the situation in which the elevator stops running and the person is locked in the car sometimes occurs. Because the elevator is closed, the people in the car are panicked, kicked and chaotic, and the elevator is damaged, and personal injuries are caused. Some people will not fall into the hoistway because they will not save themselves. Some rescuers will save themselves and cause themselves to fall into the hoistway. Therefore, reducing the problem of stopping the ladder is a very important issue for manufacturers, installation units, maintenance personnel and passengers.