Elevator Manufacturer Fuji: Freed from the Failure of the Elevator II

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-27

Elevator Manufacturer Fuji continues to teach you some ways to deal with elevator accidents.

After a little bit of stability, what you have to do is roll up the carpet that is laid on the elevator car floor and expose the bottom vents for the best ventilation. Then shouted loudly outside, in order to attract the attention of passing pedestrians.

If you are shouting dry and still no one is coming to rescue, you have to save for a way to save your energy. At this time, you may wish to intermittently pat the elevator door, or hit the elevator door with a hard sole, waiting for the arrival of rescuers. If you hear a sound outside, shoot again. During the period when the rescuers have not yet arrived, they should calmly observe, wait patiently, and don't mess around.

Some people who are in a hurry will try to open the elevator from inside. This is a self-help method that firefighters strongly resist. Because the elevator is in the event of a fault, the loop of the door sometimes fails, and the elevator may start abnormally. If you force your voice, it is very dangerous and it is easy to cause personal injury. In addition, because the trapped people do not understand the floor position where the elevator is out of service, blindly open the elevator door, there is also the danger of falling into the elevator shaft.

In case of a sudden fall of the elevator, please close your back to the elevator, then bend your knees and your feet to the outside site. This will maximize the cushioning and avoid excessive impact on people. In addition, do not blindly climb out from the skylight. If the car door cannot be opened temporarily, it should be assisted by professional rescue personnel. After the power failure, it can escape from the skylight.

In short, in the case of being trapped in an elevator, it is the best way to successfully get out of trouble by properly controlling emotions, scientifically distributing physical strength, and patiently waiting for rescue. Fuji elevator introduces the knowledge of elevator escape and we hope you can use elevator safely.