Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Has a Quality After-Sales Service

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-04

The elevator is a special kind of equipment, and its maintenance requires professional personnel to carry out. When you buy the elevator from the Elevator Manufacturers Fuji, you don't have to worry about the after-sales. We will help you solve some unexpected situations at any time.

In any commercial building, vertical transportation represents an important financial investment, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for medium-sized buildings. With this valuable asset, there is a clear procedure to ensure proper elevator maintenance is a good thing. Our personnel are nationally accredited and will perform all necessary checks on newly installed elevators, escalators, stair lifts and limited-speed elevators for limited use. Most units in the elevator inspection department require annual safety testing. Regular inspection of the elevator system is important to check that the system is properly maintained and to determine suitable components for modernization. Proper maintenance alone is not enough.

The elevator room is the heart of the elevator system. It includes elevator traction machines, motor generator sets or solid state power supplies, as well as control equipment. Control equipment is an important part of the entire operating mechanism, which accelerates, decelerates and leveles each floor. Most of the daily maintenance is carried out in the machine room. This includes routine maintenance of motors, generators, switches, contacts, brakes and controls.

The hoistway is a dangerous workplace. For safety reasons, only qualified personnel can perform elevator maintenance and repair work.

Fuji can solve the uncertainty and modernization needs of existing elevator equipment, and can analyze the traffic and elevator services of buildings to determine the capabilities of current elevator equipment.