Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Has Machine Room Elevator Technology

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-16

The machine room-less elevator technology is a technology that can solve the high energy consumption of the elevator. It was born in the 1990s, and Elevator Manufacturer Fuji has a machine room-less elevator technology.

Machine room-less elevators are the result of technological advances and can often significantly reduce the size of the motors used in traction equipment. The manufacturer redesigned the motor and all other equipment normally installed in the machine room above the conventional elevator to accommodate the hoistway. These space-saving improvements eliminate the need to build and supply energy to the machine room and consume much less energy than the larger versions previously used. They also produce less heat.

Advantages of the MRL elevator:

Compared with traditional elevators, MRL significantly reduces energy consumption. It is an energy-saving product that can be promoted on a large scale and is friendly to the earth.

The MRL elevator eliminates the cost and environmental issues associated with buried hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic oil. Over the years, hydraulic elevators have been subject to more rigorous review of environmental issues due to buried hydraulic cylinders. Because the MRL elevator is a traction elevator, all its components are above the ground, so this is not the focus of the equipment.

The MRL elevator uses a gearless traction machine that offers superior performance and ride quality compared to hydraulic elevators. The MRL can also be operated at a faster speed, which improves the quality of the traditional hydraulic lift.

Until recently, MRL elevator products have provided an economic advantage over traditional elevator products. The market is now experiencing the price of some MRL elevators that are more competitive and comparable to traditional gear-steering elevators. Some manufacturers are trying to introduce cost-competitive products to compete with low-level hydraulic elevators.

Each manufacturer has designed their products with restrictions that allow them to use small gearless machines and their cab suspensions. Capacity, speed and cab interior restrictions, especially for larger service elevators, limit the use of the product in a variety of applications.

Fuji Elevator will continue to play the role of the company and promote technological innovation.