Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Is Exploring The Green Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-29

Now that elevators are everywhere, every day, high-rise buildings around the world use over 7 billion elevator trips. Efficient vertical transportation has become an urgent challenge. In order to keep pace with the influx of urban residents and the rise of sea level, developers need not only to build higher buildings but also to design greener vertical transportation: to move residents from the ground to the sky in a safe and sustainable manner. Elevator manufacturer Fuji closely follows the development of the era and actively explores low-energy green elevators.

The backward technology used by old elevators will cause significant environmental and financial costs. Consider that a lift in a typical skyscraper may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds; all of these qualities require huge amounts of energy. The taller the building, the more elevator shafts are needed and each elevator has its own motor; especially tall buildings usually require a second sky hall between the ground and the roof. In fact, elevators usually account for 2% to 10% of building energy consumption. This includes materials - interior coatings, carpets, control panels, lighting, ventilation systems - as well as mechanical techniques for the cab itself.

Manufacturers are mainly interested in regenerative drive systems: elevators can restore some of the energy consumed, and newer elevators already include green features such as LED lights, water-soluble paint, and recycled building materials. The Machine-in-the-Room (MRL) technology eliminated the room containing hydraulic oil and pumps - one of the biggest advances since the power design a century ago. No room elevator consumes less vertical and horizontal space; without the engine room, the flat roof of the building can more easily accommodate the vast green space for planting and solar panels. For the vertical transport industry, this means fostering a sustainable economy.

Fuji actively explores new technologies for elevators and applies new technologies that are safe and low energy consumption to Fuji elevators. If you are interested in us, fujihd.net welcomes your visit.