Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Promotes Intelligent Maintenance Service

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-11-08

In recent years, with the application and promotion of technologies such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in the elevator industry, the elevator industry is undergoing an era of intelligent and technological transformation, and the intelligent maintenance service of elevators has emerged and will reconstruct the industry territory. Elevator Manufacturer Fuji is committed to using artificial intelligence technology for elevator maintenance services.

Through FUJI Elevator elevator maintenance can achieve: Reduce the overall cost: IoT elevator management is conducive to extending the service life of the elevator. It reduces the failure rate through effective, controllable and complete maintenance, which helps to reduce the personnel management and equipment operation costs of the property and maintenance personnel.

Improve service efficiency: rely on platform management, access third-party resources, faster deployment of personnel and equipment, maximize resource utilization efficiency, and provide higher service efficiency. Maintenance quality assurance: online and offline combination, preset maintenance time, node reminder, automatic record feedback maintenance staff work throughout the process, electronic chemical single permanent preservation, intelligent management to ensure that maintenance work is more punctual, more detailed, more efficient, Provide five-star service.

Security management upgrade: relying on key node sensor monitoring and platform big data analysis, the passive maintenance and rescue after the failure becomes a risk warning and a predictive maintenance plan before the failure occurs, greatly reducing the equipment failure rate, and dynamically detecting and warning. Safety management upgrade of the elevator.

Elevator Maintenance business needs with its own characteristics and where the areas of customer characteristics and trends, with an open mind to embrace science and technology, embracing intelligent maintenance, transformation and upgrading. Intelligent Maintenance no longer a choice, in this inevitable trend, who can seize the initiative, who will be able to take the initiative. Elevator Maintenance business needs ahead of the layout, to seize the opportunities of intelligent elevator repair and maintenance.