Elevator manufacturer Fuji provides professional elevator installation

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-15

Elevators are special equipment. There are a set of standards for the installation of special equipment. Professional installation personnel are required. Elevator Manufacturers must follow the standards when installing elevators.

The installation agency must have a legal business license. The original corporate business license should be the same as the copy submitted at the time of filing the application. The registered capital of the company should be commensurate with the applicable requirements of the project scope. The company should have a corporate barcode certificate and record the corporate legal person code. The enterprise tax registration certificate should be complete, the original should be consistent with the copy submitted when the application was submitted, and should have an independent financial account. The person in charge of the company should be familiar with the state’s policies, regulations, and regulations concerning labor protection, safe production, and elevator installation, understand the relevant standards, and clarify their job responsibilities. The qualifications, professional titles, professionalism, work experience, and mastery of policies, regulations, and standards of the person in charge of the company's technology should be able to meet the requirements of the rules and the corresponding levels in the "Basic Conditions."

The qualifications, professional titles, specialties, work experience and configuration of various technical personnel shall meet the requirements of the corresponding levels in the "Basic Conditions". The number of workers and their qualifications should meet the requirements of the corresponding levels in the "Basic Conditions". Security personnel should meet the national labour policy employment requirements (contracts, insurance, etc.).