Elevator Manufacturer Fuji: Safe Ride Escalator Tips

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-07

Escalators are common in many public places. They have become an indispensable convenience in our lives, ensuring that escalators are important to the safety of each of us. When riding an escalator, there is usually an unsafe behavior. Here are some safety tips for Elevator Manufacturer Fuji.

Escalator prompt

Do not use wheelchairs, electric scooters, strollers, trolleys, luggage carts, etc. on escalators.

When riding the escalator: Keep loose clothes, no steps and sides.

Wear open toe and hard bottom shoes to avoid wearing shoes made of soft resin or other rubber materials.

Stand on either side of the escalator.

Face the front and hold the armrest firmly. If the armrest moves forward or backward, slowly lower your hand.

Do not climb or ride the armrests.

Don't let your child sit on the steps or stand too close.

When leaving the escalator: Please step down immediately.

Be sure to pass the fingers of the comb; do not let your feet slip off the end of the escalator.

Leave the escalator exit area immediately; don't stop talking or look around because other passengers may be behind you.

For parents, hold the child's hand or hold the child with one hand, hold the handrail with the other hand, and keep the child away from the sides of the escalator. Make sure the children are standing in the middle of the steps to minimize the possibility of fingers and shoes being caught. The child's feet are easily caught between the moving steps and the sides of the escalator. Help your child get on and off the escalator. Let the child's hand leave the stairs. Be sure to supervise your child while riding the escalator.

Special reminder: escalators are equipped with safety stop measures to help protect users. If something is wedged, the built-in safety stop switch will stop the escalator. In an emergency, you can also use the safety stop button located on the top and bottom of the escalator.