Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Show You Safety Protction of Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-03

With the development of science and technology, our lives have become increasingly inseparable from the elevators.So what do you know about the safety of the elevator?

The elevator itself is a perfect transport equipment, it uses a variety of security measures to eliminate the fall, crowded and other security risks. As long as the elevator is properly used and regular maintenance, inspection, there will be no security incidents. The main safety devices are speed limiters, safety gears, and buffers.

Speed limiter is a speed detection device, generally installed in the elevator room or elevator shaft at the top, but also installed in the bottom of the situation. When the elevator speed to reach the set of electrical action speed is that it will cut off the elevator through the electrical switch safety circuit, and then cut off the system power supply.

If the elevator due to gravity or inertia also continue to speed, will trigger the speed limiter of the mechanical action device, so that limit the rope to stop moving, so pull the safety gear.

The safety gear is a brake device mounted on the bottom of the elevator car or elevator counterweight. It includes the pulling mechanism and the brake mechanism in two parts. The action of the pulling mechanism is to transfer the mechanical action of the speed governor to the brake mechanism and to operate the brake mechanism. After the brake mechanism is acted, the wedge of the inside will lock the elevator on the guide rail and prevent the elevator from falling further.

The buffer is installed in the pit of the elevator shaft. Its role is to prevent the elevator pier bottom. At the end of the elevator it can reduce the impact to reduce the damage to the elevator itself and the passengers inside the elevator.

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