Elevator Manufacturer Fuji Talks about the Cleaning of Escalators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-04

Escalators are an essential tool for high-traffic buildings due to the ability to move large numbers of people quickly. Airports, shopping malls, department stores, railway stations, universities, convention centers, hotels and arenas use escalators to move customers from the first floor to the other floor, and in continuous use, the escalators are exposed to liquids, dirt, debris and dirt. The effects of the dirt are dirty and dirty. When the escalator becomes dirty, it is not only an unpleasant sight, but it also reduces the life of the escalator and causes more frequent failures when dirt builds up in the machine. Elevator Manufacturer Fuji gives you some ways to clean the escalator.

There are several challenges to consider when cleaning an escalator:

Since escalators are not flat surfaces, such as floors or countertops, specific cleaning products and machines are required.

The grooves in the tread region of the step are magnets for impacting dirt and are difficult to remove.

Facilities with escalators of different widths present unique problems for cleaners.

Cost and cleaning methods.

Escalators must be cleaned late at night after the facility is closed and kept clean and operational when reopened in the morning.

The first possibility of the cleaning step is to remove them from the escalator. You can then take them to the warehouse where you can clean the steps with a high pressure cleaner. This cleaning method provides good cleaning results. The negative side is that it is very expensive and the escalator must be closed for a while. This will affect visitor traffic to your building and may cost more.

Another way to clean the escalator is to use dry ice. This will also bring you good results, but you should know something. This means that dry ice can remove dirt from the steps of the escalator. But you have to cover the surrounding area. The reason is that you only need to disconnect the dirt on the escalator. No suction to remove dirt. When the dirt is loose and you shoot 3 mm of stains in the area, the dirt will scatter and appear elsewhere in the area.

The cleaning professional should ensure that the escalation, handling and maintenance methods of the escalator cleaning equipment are fully understood before starting the cleaning process. However, with this knowledge in hand, the process is relatively easy, safe, and usually requires only one worker to install and operate the device.