Elevator Manufacturer Fujih (10 Reasons Why You Choose It)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-04-26

FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd.has rich product varieties. We can satisfy diverse requirements from various users. The products scope covers passenger elevator, observation elevator, bed elevator, freight elevator, hydraulic elevator, car elevator, small machine room elevator, machine room-less elevator, home elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator and moving walk.

Here 10 reasons why you choose fujihd.net for elevator

Door open 800mm increase 100mm
integrated car operational panel
humanistic braille button
integrated ceiling assembling structure
energy saving highly efficient LED Lights
installation without bottom case
Reduce 20db of noise
Energy conservation rate reaching 40%
Distance Control
Direct Stopping
CANBUS communication technology
Multiple CPU operation technology
Advanced Sensor
Speed Governor
Safety gear

Detail click Elevator Manufacturer or https://youtu.be/O47BeTAmJqE