Elevator Manufacturer Hengda Fuji Won the Favor of Customers

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-08

As the leading demonstration enterprise in Nanxun, Elevator Manufacturer Hengda Fuji has a good background from the overseas market, in the context of the current Sino-US trade friction may significantly reduce the growth rate of US exports and drag down the overall export growth. The meter/second passenger elevator has won the favor of customers in Florida, and has won unanimous praise and praise from customers. It has stepped up production and is ready to ship and install it as soon as possible.

Hengda Fuji Elevator export business began in 2005. Through continuous market development and implementation of the go-out strategy, overseas market projects in recent years have repeatedly won the favor and trust of customers, indicating that Hengda Fuji's escalator products have broad market prospects and Based on the overseas market. While deepening and consolidating the domestic market, Hengda Fuji Elevator has been actively opening up the international market and seeking foreign high-quality agents. In the first half of 2018, exports increased by nearly 40% year-on-year, gaining the attention of the elevator industry. These achievements have benefited from Hengda Fuji's brand accumulation and down-to-earth market cultivation over the years. It has also benefited from the trust established with foreign customers over the years and the excellent after-sales service system won the praise and praise of customers.

The accumulation of brand influence depends not only on these, but also on good after-sales and after-sales service. The elevators installed in foreign countries, the staff of Hengda Fuji Engineering Department often need to visit the site to guide the installation and commissioning. The warm and thoughtful service guidance has given foreign customers a thumbs up for us. The employees of the overseas marketing department have long penetrated the market and visited overseas customers. The sense of trust established has become an important cornerstone of cooperation between the two parties.

Hengda Fuji does not forget the initial strength, the courage to open up the market strength, and win the trust of customers with service and quality. It will surely provide more solid fortress support for Hengda Fuji's domestic and international market brands. We also believe that the great goal of “satisfying customers and making employees happy” will also accompany Hengda Fuji’s thorns and all the way.