Elevator Manufacturer Provides Safety Knowledge for Passenger Elevators I

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-10-22

The Elevator Manufacturer provides you with safety knowledge about the passenger elevator. How to identify if the passenger elevator is safe? When passengers take the elevator, they should first check whether there is a stainless steel brand with “safety inspection qualified” in the elevator; secondly, there are no registration number, registration authority, inspection unit and inspection validity period of the elevator. After the expiration date, it is unlicensed operation. This is the most important thing. Passengers who report unlicensed or unlicensed elevators can report to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

What are the regulations for the safe operation of elevators under the new "Regulations"? The installation, modification and maintenance of the elevator must be carried out by the elevator manufacturing unit or by the unit authorized by the contract or by agreement. The elevator manufacturing unit is responsible for the quality of the elevator and the quality issues involved in safe operation. The manufacture, installation, modification and maintenance of elevators must strictly comply with the requirements of safety technical specifications. If the elevator manufacturing unit entrusts or agrees to other units to carry out installation, transformation or maintenance activities, it shall conduct safety guidance and monitoring of its installation, transformation and maintenance activities.

After the elevator installation, renovation and maintenance activities are completed, the elevator manufacturing unit shall verify and debug the elevator according to the requirements of the safety technical specifications, and be responsible for the results of the verification and commissioning. During the installation and construction of the elevator, the elevator installation unit shall obey the construction safety management of the construction contractor and the civil engineering of the elevator shaft must meet the quality requirements of the construction project.