Elevator Manufacturer Provides Safety Knowledge for Passenger Elevators II

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-10-24

The Elevator Manufacturer continues to give you the safety knowledge of the passenger elevator. The daily maintenance of the elevator must be carried out by the installation, transformation, maintenance unit or elevator manufacturing unit that has obtained the permit in accordance with these Regulations. The elevator should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least every 15 days. The daily maintenance and repair unit of the elevator shall strictly implement the requirements of the national safety technical specifications during maintenance, ensure the safety technical performance of the elevators it maintains, and be responsible for implementing on-site safety protection measures to ensure construction safety. The daily maintenance unit of the elevator shall be responsible for the safety performance of the elevator that it maintains. After receiving the notification of the failure, they should immediately rush to the scene and take necessary emergency rescue measures.

After the elevator is put into use, the elevator manufacturing unit shall conduct follow-up investigation and understanding of the safe operation of the elevators it manufactures, and propose improvements to the problems existing in the safe operation of elevators and daily maintenance units or elevator users. The necessary technical assistance. If it is found that there is a serious accident in the elevator, it shall promptly report to the special equipment safety supervision and management department. The elevator manufacturing unit shall make a record of the investigation and understanding.

What if the passenger gets stuck in the middle of the elevator failure? First of all, to keep calm, ringing for help or calling for help, there should be alarms like alarm bells in the elevator. There are remote monitoring devices in the good elevators, and the maintenance personnel will comfort the passengers through the call equipment. The most important thing is that passengers don't pull their own doors and jump off themselves. Self-rescue is very dangerous. The safest thing is that he saves.